In the Studio #51

A couple days ago I had a conversation with a fellow Banana-Factororian, Deb Slahta about listening where I confided that I don’t always hear whats told to me for sometime, maybe even years later. Its a terrible trait, that leads me to making some avoidable mistakes, but fortunately I do eventually pay attention to what … More In the Studio #51

In the Studio #50

Well I just finished an unexpected painting a couple days ago that sent me on a strange direction in my work. About 6 months back I received stretcher bars from a soon-to-be-departing and dear Banana-Factorian, Alison Bessesdotter. These bars sat in my studio for months taunting me until I remembered a challenge another friend, Tyrone … More In the Studio #50

Ephemerama #38

This last Saturday I worked at both my jobs and after work I ended up hanging out with some friends despite being exhausted. We all landed at my friend Lissy’s place in downtown Allentown. I love this chic, Lissy. She has all the confidence and pride one comes to expect from a strong black Latinx … More Ephemerama #38

In the Studio #49

A few weeks back I finished a series of drawings I call “Puppet Pal Friends Be Dues Paying Dudes”. These drawings were meant as a reintroduction to abstract drawing and paintings after a year of doing predominately representations works of landscapes and flowers. The title of the series stems from the Puppet Pal Friends cartoon … More In the Studio #49

In the Studio #48

Its been a very long time since I’ve felt up to a blog post but the momentous occasion of finishing a large body of work seemed an appropriate time to dust off this platform once again to speak a little about this journey. Approximately one year ago I finished a large body of paintings you … More In the Studio #48

In the Studio #47

  I’ve been working hard the last two months or so to finish my latest landscape, “Spring in Emmaus”, and begin two more landscapes, ” Summer Sky over South Mountain” and “Summer in Laurys Station”, and I’ve found the reactions to the various stages of completeness of these painting fascinating. Near the beginning of the … More In the Studio #47

Ephemerama #37

Its been again another long spell since I’ve felt like blogging. The late winter and spring have been challenging with a sad slow-motion train wreck of a break-up and considerable work stress from my several jobs; but I’m emerging from all that ‘real living’ a little wiser and newly reflective. About two months I had … More Ephemerama #37

In the Studio #46

Its been another long while since I’ve felt like blogging and its because I wanted to wait until I felt inspired by some new ideas for the new year. I finally finished the Pilot Set of paintings last month and those pieces are currently on display at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA in a show … More In the Studio #46

In the Studio #44

I started off this month intending to blog more but these lovely summer days have conspired against my efforts and so I’m just getting to a post today. Progress is continuing on Pilot #7 with all the under-painting elements finally complete. I have to say after the challenge on painting the last piece in this … More In the Studio #44