In the Studio #48

Its been a very long time since I’ve felt up to a blog post but the momentous occasion of finishing a large body of work seemed an appropriate time to dust off this platform once again to speak a little about this journey. Approximately one year ago I finished a large body of paintings you … More In the Studio #48

In the Studio #47

  I’ve been working hard the last two months or so to finish my latest landscape, “Spring in Emmaus”, and begin two more landscapes, ” Summer Sky over South Mountain” and “Summer in Laurys Station”, and I’ve found the reactions to the various stages of completeness of these painting fascinating. Near the beginning of the … More In the Studio #47

Ephemerama #37

Its been again another long spell since I’ve felt like blogging. The late winter and spring have been challenging with a sad slow-motion train wreck of a break-up and considerable work stress from my several jobs; but I’m emerging from all that ‘real living’ a little wiser and newly reflective. About two months I had … More Ephemerama #37

In the Studio #46

Its been another long while since I’ve felt like blogging and its because I wanted to wait until I felt inspired by some new ideas for the new year. I finally finished the Pilot Set of paintings last month and those pieces are currently on display at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA in a show … More In the Studio #46

In the Studio #44

I started off this month intending to blog more but these lovely summer days have conspired against my efforts and so I’m just getting to a post today. Progress is continuing on Pilot #7 with all the under-painting elements finally complete. I have to say after the challenge on painting the last piece in this … More In the Studio #44

First Friday #23

Is been a while since I’ve blogged, and so I thought that I’d get back in the swing of things by going over this last First Friday. This last Friday was a beautiful day and I think that had an effect on our crowds. They continue to be somewhat small. I think Banana Factory artists … More First Friday #23

In the Studio #43

I finished the sixth painting of the Pilot Set a couple weeks ago and the drawing for the seventh Pilot painting two days ago. I’m finally settling into working on this next monster painting. The process of doing the drawing of this seventh work has been quite instructive. I realized while doing this drawing that … More In the Studio #43

First Friday #22

I’ve taken a step back from my blog over the last few weeks so that I can focus on finishing up my semester at Muhlenberg College, which wrapped this week. And, so I haven’t had a chance to write about First Friday, which was about a week ago now. My memory of that day is … More First Friday #22

In the Studio #42

Well I finally finished my painting Pilot #6 last week and I’m now varnishing the work. It has been an emotional process, painting this piece, and I’m relieved that its finished. This work has been nothing but challenges for me from the construction of the frame – its a little warped – to the composition … More In the Studio #42