In the Studio #46

Its been another long while since I’ve felt like blogging and its because I wanted to wait until I felt inspired by some new ideas for the new year. I finally finished the Pilot Set of paintings last month and those pieces are currently on display at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA in a show … More In the Studio #46

In the Studio #44

I started off this month intending to blog more but these lovely summer days have conspired against my efforts and so I’m just getting to a post today. Progress is continuing on Pilot #7 with all the under-painting elements finally complete. I have to say after the challenge on painting the last piece in this … More In the Studio #44

In the Studio #43

I finished the sixth painting of the Pilot Set a couple weeks ago and the drawing for the seventh Pilot painting two days ago. I’m finally settling into working on this next monster painting. The process of doing the drawing of this seventh work has been quite instructive. I realized while doing this drawing that … More In the Studio #43

In the Studio #42

Well I finally finished my painting Pilot #6 last week and I’m now varnishing the work. It has been an emotional process, painting this piece, and I’m relieved that its finished. This work has been nothing but challenges for me from the construction of the frame – its a little warped – to the composition … More In the Studio #42

In the Studio #41

Work continues on my painting Pilot 6, and now I’m moving into the last phases of the piece. These last few steps involve incorporating the collage elements into the piece. Until now I’ve been focusing mostly on creating an interesting foreground and cloudscape for the piece, which for the foreground area was a bit of … More In the Studio #41

In the Studio #40

I finally managed to work on The sixth Pilot painting this week after a couple weeks of delays in getting the supplies. It’s interesting to me to see this one unfold. Each of the paintings in this group began with a series of layers meant to give each piece a unique surface texture and this … More In the Studio #40

In the Studio #38

I’m finally getting into my preparatory drawing for the sixth Pilot Set painting this week now that I’ve received long promised grant funding for the works from the Lehigh Valley Council of the Arts. I’m also simultaneously finishing up the second work in my Remembering Johnson encaustic painting set. Working on two pieces at once … More In the Studio #38

In the Studio #37

So, I’m finally getting excited about doing artwork again after a depressing a sobering post-election week. I figured that the best way to combat the unthinkable turn for the worst that the nation took on Election Day for me is to make art and so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working on a … More In the Studio #37