First Friday #23

Is been a while since I’ve blogged, and so I thought that I’d get back in the swing of things by going over this last First Friday. This last Friday was a beautiful day and I think that had an effect on our crowds. They continue to be somewhat small. I think Banana Factory artists … More First Friday #23

In the Studio #30

Last week was the end my residency at the Vermont Studio Center and it was a busy one with three projects completed and two studio visits from visiting artists. It’s sad to have wrapped things up. I feel ill prepared to face my life back in Pennsylvania again. I’m heading into a troubling season with … More In the Studio #30

In the Studio #26

I’ve been struggling to find inspiration in the studio lately I think due to anxiety affecting me in my personal life. I’ve recently had to relocate officially to Pennsylvania from New York. And though the transition is more a confirmation of a reality I’ve been living for sometime now, emotionally it feels like a defeat. … More In the Studio #26

First Friday #12

First Friday this month was a little lighter then last month unfortunately, but I think I had a better time. It was a warm day and I thought it would bring out the crowds, instead I think the crowds decided to go to dinner I guess. I had on display this First Friday works from … More First Friday #12

In the Studio #25

I finally finished my Maybe Baby series last week with great relief. The series took far longer then I anticipated, but given the fact that I had to balance several other pressing concerns over the past few months I feel lucky that I completed the series at all. Maybe Baby was intended to be a … More In the Studio #25

Ephemerama #19

Today is Iowa caucus day, which is the traditional beginning of the presidential election cycle, though it seems like folks have been running for president since Barack Obama won his second term in 2012. I have major objections with the way we elect presidents. I think its indirect and a reminder of how this nation is … More Ephemerama #19

In the Studio #21

Its been a very difficult couple of weeks for my friends and me personally with the death of a very dear friend and housemate, Matthew Stitzer. Matt was a great supporter of my artwork and for me building the life of an artist. Matt was an actor and was beloved by his theater friends. I … More In the Studio #21

First Friday #9

Its been a week since last First Friday and I’ve had a week to reflect on the evening. It was a busy night from what I can remember. I’ve taken to writing notes on the evening since I often get connections and inspiration from my encounters on this evening. Here are some of the thoughts that … More First Friday #9

In the studio #18

I finally finished my drawing series! Behold the Loathsome Temple of Doom is done. When I started this drawing series back in October I thought it would be a maybe month long project, two at the max. I banked on having enough of the year left to do a small painting series too. Now I’m … More In the studio #18