Ephemerama #28

What makes a presidential administration successful when it comes to the arts? What are the metrics we use to say this president was a artistic philosopher-king and that one was a philistine…, an artistic neophyte. Several months ago I sought a way to gauge this years crop of presidential candidates on their support for the … More Ephemerama #28

Ephemerama #26

Yesterday night I attended an art opening at the Bethlehem House Gallery for their “Summer Show” and to mark their two year anniversary. It was a very nice show with works from a couple friends of mine; Darrell George, whose has a studio down the hall from me at the Banana Factory,  Ward Van Haute, … More Ephemerama #26

Ephemerama #21

When I first began this post last week I was having an emotional day in Vermont. I got to listening to one of those way-to-thoughtful story-telling NPR programs and all of a suddenly I started crying, thinking about my mother. She died nine years ago around this time of the year. The experience got me to thinking about … More Ephemerama #21