First Friday #21

Well First Friday at the Banana Factory was a few days ago and I have had a little time to think about what went on during the open house. This last Friday was a light affair once again. I think were returning to the normal pattern of light First Fridays after two unusually busy First … More First Friday #21

Ephemerama #36

“I did not know if I could make this painting, ethically or emotionally,… I don’t know what it is like to be black in America. But I do know what it is like to be a mother. Emmett was Mamie Till’s only son. I thought about the possibility of painting it only after listening to … More Ephemerama #36

Ephemerama #34

About two weeks ago I finally sat down and watched the movie Moonlight, with my boyfriend and was blown away by the story. I’d never scene a movie quite like it that seemed to so accurately depict my youth. I’m still trying to decide whether the movie was a gay coming -of-age story or a … More Ephemerama #34

First Friday #14

Its been a busy couple days since First Friday and I’m just now catching up on blogging about it. The open house this month was pretty steady for me with tons of folks coming in the beginning of the night due to an ArtsQuest event downstairs and it petering off later on so that I … More First Friday #14

First Friday #12

First Friday this month was a little lighter then last month unfortunately, but I think I had a better time. It was a warm day and I thought it would bring out the crowds, instead I think the crowds decided to go to dinner I guess. I had on display this First Friday works from … More First Friday #12

First Friday #11

I’m back in my studio for the first time since last Friday and just reviewed my notes from last First Friday. It was one of the best First Friday’s we’ve had at the Banana Factory in a while. The event came on the heels of a very difficult day for me and so I was … More First Friday #11

First Friday #10

We had First Friday at the Banana Factory last Friday since New Years was a Friday this year and though the crowds were smaller since the change in date I had a much better time then in the past. I think that’s thanks to being very busy framing works for my two upcoming shows. I … More First Friday #10

First Friday #6

What a wonderful First Friday this September’s First Friday was. I’m sitting here in my boyfriend’s mother’s backyard in La Plume, Pa remembering yesterday and enjoying the gloaming. I’m remembering mostly how multifaceted the day seemed. I worked an early day, 6 am to noonish then I went to the factory to paint. I had … More First Friday #6