First Friday #21

Well First Friday at the Banana Factory was a few days ago and I have had a little time to think about what went on during the open house. This last Friday was a light affair once again. I think were returning to the normal pattern of light First Fridays after two unusually busy First … More First Friday #21

First Friday #19

Last night was First Friday for February at the Banana Factory and it was a very active night. It seems that the folks that run the show at the art center are finally making certain that the event is well attended. Both January and February’s events were both nicely packed and last night in particular … More First Friday #19

First Friday #9

Its been a week since last First Friday and I’ve had a week to reflect on the evening. It was a busy night from what I can remember. I’ve taken to writing notes on the evening since I often get connections and inspiration from my encounters on this evening. Here are some of the thoughts that … More First Friday #9