Ephemerama #35

A few weeks back President Trump released his proposed budget and as expected there were severe cuts to the arts. According to the Washington Post: “The president’s budget would eliminate the NEA’s $148 million budget, the NEH’s $148 million budget and the CPB’s $445 million budget, as well as $230 million for the Institute of … More Ephemerama #35

Ephemerama #30

I though with only a few more days left in the year, that it was a good time to do a year-in-review in art. My friend Michelle Neifert and I began this year saying that it would be the best year ever. It was our mantra, a toast we’d say whenever we got together for … More Ephemerama #30

In the Studio #38

I’m finally getting into my preparatory drawing for the sixth Pilot Set painting this week now that I’ve received long promised grant funding for the works from the Lehigh Valley Council of the Arts. I’m also simultaneously finishing up the second work in my Remembering Johnson encaustic painting set. Working on two pieces at once … More In the Studio #38

In the Studio #35

I’ve been getting some pretty stunning confirmation lately that I am indeed a Libra even though I don’t place much stock in astrology. Its mostly because as I read the sign, I’ve had very mixed and ultimately balanced episodes in my life the last few weeks. My personal life and therefore living accommodations are simultaneously … More In the Studio #35

In the Studio #31

My studio is slowly turning back to normal after a week of finishing up paintings from Vermont and completing my Project Stream grant to the Lehigh Valley Arts Council. Now I’m trying to find a new rhythm which I’m hoping will take hold as I start to dig into the Hotness in Concert No. 2. I’m … More In the Studio #31