First Friday #23

Is been a while since I’ve blogged, and so I thought that I’d get back in the swing of things by going over this last First Friday. This last Friday was a beautiful day and I think that had an effect on our crowds. They continue to be somewhat small. I think Banana Factory artists … More First Friday #23

First Friday #21

Well First Friday at the Banana Factory was a few days ago and I have had a little time to think about what went on during the open house. This last Friday was a light affair once again. I think were returning to the normal pattern of light First Fridays after two unusually busy First … More First Friday #21

First Friday #12

First Friday this month was a little lighter then last month unfortunately, but I think I had a better time. It was a warm day and I thought it would bring out the crowds, instead I think the crowds decided to go to dinner I guess. I had on display this First Friday works from … More First Friday #12

Ephemerama #14

a former colleague cost me something valuable by lying to a local arts board and I’ve been having a hard time coping with the deceit, particularly since I’m fairly certain this person has no remorse for what they did. I confided my feelings on the matter to a friend last night, Melissa Perhamus, and she … More Ephemerama #14