First Friday #18

Our First Friday of the new year went off without a hitch, and though it was lightly attended I had some good conversations and got around the building for once. The night began with a nice little happy hour attended by  Erin Anderson Michelle Neifert Deb Slahta and myself – our monthly beer and bourbon … More First Friday #18

In the Studio #38

I’m finally getting into my preparatory drawing for the sixth Pilot Set painting this week now that I’ve received long promised grant funding for the works from the Lehigh Valley Council of the Arts. I’m also simultaneously finishing up the second work in my Remembering Johnson encaustic painting set. Working on two pieces at once … More In the Studio #38

First Friday #16

Its been a while since I’e written a post and I think the reason has been two-fold. First I finished my series of paintings on Longwood Gardens and have felt a little empty and tapped out of inspiration. The other reason has been the election. I’d wanted to speak about issues regarding the election specifically … More First Friday #16

In the Studio #29

I’m well into my second week at my residency and I’m hitting a grove now. I’ve just about finished a larger wall drawing, finished a prep drawing for a medium sized painting and am in the middle of that painting now. I carved two of the three plates I need to make a print, and I began … More In the Studio #29

Ephemerama #12

I finished the Coates book “Between the World and Me” last week in my studio and was nearly to the point of tears by the end of it. I wanted to give a scholarly report or response to this work but for the sake of time and my emotions – it was that turgid –  I’d prefer to … More Ephemerama #12

In the Studio #11

I’m just back in the studio after a week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that was relaxing for the most part. I learned last week that when vacationing with friends encouraging planning is a losing proposition, at least with a controlling personality like mine. Well anyway, I came back to my studio space to this big ass painting, … More In the Studio #11