Ephemerama #33

Over the last couple days I’ve finished painting the under layers for my latest painting, Pilot 6, and things are looking good. There is a bit of a wobble to the frame of the piece that couldn’t be helped because of the way I framed the piece but I think ultimately its a small issue. … More Ephemerama #33

In the Studio #34

A couple days ago a collector of mine sent me a few pics of my works newly installed on his apartment walls in New York. In my enthusiasm I posted a Facebook post which at first conflated the images my friend sent with those produced by an app which shows what artwork would look like on … More In the Studio #34

Ephemerama #27

So what’s going on with race in this country? Why does it seem all of the sudden that there’s police shootings weekly, and then shortly afterwards there’s the obligatory “Black Lives Matter” protest; and afterwards that followed by the equally obligatory police or “good heart(ed)” “All Lives Matter” response to the response. I think much … More Ephemerama #27

In the Studio #31

My studio is slowly turning back to normal after a week of finishing up paintings from Vermont and completing my Project Stream grant to the Lehigh Valley Arts Council. Now I’m trying to find a new rhythm which I’m hoping will take hold as I start to dig into the Hotness in Concert No. 2. I’m … More In the Studio #31

In the Studio #29

I’m well into my second week at my residency and I’m hitting a grove now. I’ve just about finished a larger wall drawing, finished a prep drawing for a medium sized painting and am in the middle of that painting now. I carved two of the three plates I need to make a print, and I began … More In the Studio #29