In the Studio #46

Its been another long while since I’ve felt like blogging and its because I wanted to wait until I felt inspired by some new ideas for the new year. I finally finished the Pilot Set of paintings last month and those pieces are currently on display at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA in a show … More In the Studio #46

In the Studio #40

I finally managed to work on The sixth Pilot painting this week after a couple weeks of delays in getting the supplies. It’s interesting to me to see this one unfold. Each of the paintings in this group began with a series of layers meant to give each piece a unique surface texture and this … More In the Studio #40

Ephemerama #30

I though with only a few more days left in the year, that it was a good time to do a year-in-review in art. My friend Michelle Neifert and I began this year saying that it would be the best year ever. It was our mantra, a toast we’d say whenever we got together for … More Ephemerama #30

In the Studio #37

So, I’m finally getting excited about doing artwork again after a depressing a sobering post-election week. I figured that the best way to combat the unthinkable turn for the worst that the nation took on Election Day for me is to make art and so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working on a … More In the Studio #37

In the Studio #34

A couple days ago a collector of mine sent me a few pics of my works newly installed on his apartment walls in New York. In my enthusiasm I posted a Facebook post which at first conflated the images my friend sent with those produced by an app which shows what artwork would look like on … More In the Studio #34

In the Studio #32

I finally finished “The Hotness in Concert No.2” yesterday with just a few hours before I needed to get the studio ready for a photo shoot. Fig Magazine, a local lifestyle publication based in Bethlehem, came by to do a shoot of resident artists at the Banana Factory yesterday early afternoon, and right after that … More In the Studio #32

Ephemerama #26

Yesterday night I attended an art opening at the Bethlehem House Gallery for their “Summer Show” and to mark their two year anniversary. It was a very nice show with works from a couple friends of mine; Darrell George, whose has a studio down the hall from me at the Banana Factory,  Ward Van Haute, … More Ephemerama #26

Ephemerama #25

It’s finally time for me to take a look at the next batch of artists I was recommended at the Vermont Studio Center. Many of these artists were recommended by Miguel Luciano. Miguel in my critique with him seemed fixated on the busyness in my works particularly the the City of the Dead drawing that I … More Ephemerama #25

Ehpemerama #24

I meant to write about those artists from the Vermont Studio Center and instead events of the day interrupted those plans. I wanted to write that I feel very scared to be a black man, especially a poor black man, right now in this country. I’m terrified of the police! I think its part of … More Ehpemerama #24